Test Capabilities

Inspection and Test Capabilities

Kurbo achieves customer satisfaction
by ensuring product reliability.

Inspection and Testing

Kurbo's performance testings include:

  • Hydrostatic and vacuum test
  • Hydrostatic test at elevated temperature for designated time
  • Spring rate testing
  • Movement/deflection test at elevated temperature under designated pressure.
  • Fatigue life cycle test,
  • Vibration testing at elevated temperature and high pressure
  • Fire test at elevated temperature
  • Non-destructive testing such as dye penetrant(PT), magnetic particle(MT), ultrasonic(UT), Radiographic test(RT)

All parts are randomly inspected and tested before shipping. We can provide 100% inspection/test if required.

Kurbo Winflex expansion joins have been tested by Kurbo's comprehensive in-house testing facilities to the most exacting performance requirements of your specifications.

Kurbo maintains a state-of-the-art in-house testing facility with experienced team that allows us to test our products to meet our customer’s expectations. Regardless of the application, Kurbo can meet your specific quality and performance requirements.