Rubber Expansion Joint

Series 70, Flue Duct Connector
  • Available in round or rectangular shape
  • Supplied with or without flanges( belt type).
  • Wide spectrum of elastomers and fabrics to suit most corrosive and temperature environments up to 200℃
  • Lower spring rates and deflection forces
  • Corners are fully molded with no splices
  • Excellent corrosion and chemical resistance
Kurbo offers a wide range of flue duct connectors for flue gas and other ducting applications:
  • Type 70U, U-Design is used for maximum vibration absorption and noise reduction and for normal ducting movements.
  • Type 70V, Arch-Design is designed for large movement absorption with short overall length.
  • Type 70W, W-Design is used for medium ducting movements, noise and vibration reduction.