Rubber Expansion Joint

Series 90, Pipe Penetration Seal
  • Excellent watertight seals between medium pipe and wall pipe sleeve.
  • All directional movement capability and lower deflection forces
  • Absorbs noise, vibration, ground/foundation settlement
  • Flanged or slip-on designs available
  • Wide variety of sealing element material
  • Multiple arch design of Type 90A provides large axial and lateral movements
  • Higher pressure and temperature service available
  • Can be custom built to fit your particular application.
  • Easy installation and removal: reduce downtime - Most cost effective solution.

Kurbo Pipe Penetration Seal is designed to seal pipes passing through walls, floors, tanks. It absorbs all axial, lateral and angular movements caused by medium pipes or by an equipment/structure.

Kurbo pipe penetration seals are available in two types:
Type 90A is designed for large movement absorption. It is ideal for the lines where greater movement and lower forces are required.
Type 90B is used for absorption of normal movements and also for noise and vibration reduction.