Fabric Expansion Joint

Kurbo fabric(non-metallic) expansion joints are designed to provide stress relief in ducting systems by absorbing movement caused by thermal changes. They also act as vibration isolators, shock absorbers and make up for minor misalignments of adjoining ducting or equipment. They are fabricated from a wide variety of non-metallic materials, including synthetic elastomers, fabrics, insulation materials and fluoroplastics, depending on the designs.
  • Large Movements  
  • Low Loads
  • Corrosion Resistance
  • Sound and Vibration Elimination 
  • High Temperature  Resistance
  • No Gaskets Required
  • Lower System Design Costs 
  • Low Material Costs 
  • Lower Shipping and Installation Costs 
  • Lower Replacement Cost

There are two basic forms of construction depending on the number of layers in the expansion joint; single layer construction and multi-layer construction.

  • Single Layer Construction

    An expansion joint formed of one consolidated layer, often constructed from elastomers and reinforcement materials or fluoroplastics and reinforcement materials:

  • Multi-Layer Construction (known as composite type)

    An expansion joint in which the various plies are of different materials which are not integrally bonded together.

Clamping Configuration

There are three types of clamping configurations that employ one of the two basic constructions.

  • Belt Type Expansion Joint Configuration

    An expansion joint in which the flexible element is made like a flat belt:

  • Flanged-Type Expansion Joint Configuration

    An expansion joint in which the flexible element has flanges formed at right angles.

  • Combination Type Expansion Joint Configuration

    An expansion joint that utilizes both belt type and flanged configurations.