Metal Expansion Joint

Universal Expansion Joint
  • Absorbs large amounts of lateral deflection
  • Simple and robust construction
  • Eliminates pressure thrust load
  • Low maintenance

Universal expansion joint consists of two bellows elements joined together by a piece of pipe(center spool) and fitted with either pipe ends or flanges. This type of expansion joint is usually furnished with control rods to distribute the movement between two bellows of the expansion joint and stabilize the center spool. When large amount of lateral deflection is required, universal expansion joint is used. For a given bellows element, the amount of lateral deflection capability can be increased or decreased by simply changing the length of the center spool. In addition to this, these assembly can also compensate other two types of movements: axial and angular, but is limited to low pressure applications because of center spool instability. This type of expansion joint also will result in lower forces on the anchors. Only light fixed points are required to absorb lateral movement and friction forces.