Metal Expansion Joint

Hinged Expansion Joint
  • Permits angular rotation in one plane.
  • Eliminates pressure thrust forces
  • No main anchors required
  • Transmits loads, so low forces on the pipe anchors
  • Prevents torsion or twisting of the expansion joint.
  • Can also absorb axial deflection, if designed.
  • Internal flow liners for eliminating velocity problem
  • Anchors only required to absorb spring forces

 Hinged expansion joint is designed to permit angular rotation in one plane only by the use of a pair of pins through hinge plates attached to the expansion joint ends. The hinge and hinge pin is designed to restrain the pressure thrust loads and other external loads such as dead weight and wind. Slotted hinges assembly can also be provided to allow some amount of axial deflection. These slotted hinge types will not resist pressure thrust forces, and anchoring must be provided. If the full axial restraint of the hinged type is desired, the piping designer should understand that there is no allowance in the expansion joint for any axial travel, including none for any installation misalignment.