Metal Expansion Joint

Externally Pressurized Expansion Joint
  • Absorb large amount of axial movements
  • Pressure thrust will be transmitted onto the pipeline
  • Bellows element is externally pressurized
  • Totally enclosed for maximum safety
  • Correct anchoring and guiding must be used
  • Drains naturally due to gravity
  • Available with optional drain port
  • Leak-proof and no packing

 Externally pressurized expansion joints are alternative for standard axial expansion joints. This type of expansion joint is designed so that the pressure is external to the bellows for maximum stability. This unique design makes it possible to allow large amount of axial movements while containing high pressure and high temperature. Kurbo offers 100mm, 150mm and 200mm axial travels with single expansion joint. For larger movement up to 400mm axial travel, dual configuration can be designed.