PTFE Expansion Joint

Type 21TL, PTFE Lined Rubber Expansion Joint
  • Combination of best features of PTFE and rubber expansion joint: excellent chemical and heat resistance of PTFE and high pressure rating performance of elastomer
  • Excellent absorption of vibration and noise
  • Higher pressure capability than PTFE expansion joints/bellows. 
  • Suits a wide range of applications due to non-contaminating PTFE liner
  • Optimal chemical resistance and permeation reduction due to high density PTFE liner
  • Excellent thermal stability - temperature ratings to 200℃
  • Extraordinary all directional movement capability

Kurbo PTFE lined expansion joints are ideal for severe service conditions in chemical plants, pulp and paper mills, pollution control system and other piping systems where highly corrosive chemicals and acids are conveyed. They are also suitable for high temperature and high pressure applications.