Rubber Expansion Joint

Type 21DM, Demounting Expansion Joint
  • Easier and quicker dismantling and replacing components
  • Reduced down time and loss of production.
  • Less weight , Less handling and installation cost
  • Less force to compress rubber bellows
  • Greater strength and Higher pressure rating due to L-shaped integral flange
  • Greater flexibility due to use of wide arch profile and unique fabric angle adjustment
  • No noise and vibration transfer to the mating pipe flanges.
  • Wide spectrum of elastomers available
  • No gasket required due to Flanged design.

Kurbo Type 21DM, Demounting joints provide axial clearance in the piping system to allow for easy and quick removal or replacement of the pipe component and equipment. It is simply done by compressing the 21DM- demounting joint with its threaded tie rods. The 21DM makes it possible for worker to complete maintenance quickly. In general, removal and assembly of pipe component or equipment for maintenance require lots of time and cost.
We recommend that you include our Type 21DM demounting joint alongside each of these critical components and equipment like valves, shut off gates and pumps etc in the piping considering the maintenance convenience later on.