Rubber Expansion Joint

Type 21CR / 21ER, Reducer Expansion Joint
  • Versatile hand-built construction
  • Available in concentric, eccentric or custom-made offset arrangement
  • Available in multi arch, filled arch, without arch, sleeve ends
  • Greater movement capability due to wide and low arch profile
  • Available in a wide variety of sizes

Kurbo Reducing expansion joints are used to connect different diameter pipes. These tapered joints act as flexible connectors and vibration dampeners for absorption of pipe stress, movements and noise/vibration. Two(2) types of reducing joints can be offered in either concentric or eccentric shapes.
Type 21CR, Concentric reducers with the axis of each end concentric with each other. Each flange-end shares the same common center line. Type 21ER, Eccentric reducers having the axis of each end offset from each other.