Rubber Expansion Joint

Type 60, Pipe Connector and Type 60E, Elbow Connector
  • Best choice for noise and vibration control for pumps, compressors and other equipments.
  • Absorption of thermal movements of piping and accommodation of minor misalignment
  • Can be manufactured with single arch design
  • Allows for unrestricted flow
  • Great flexibility with its shortest dimension
  • Excellent abrasion and corrosion resistance

Kurbo Type 60, pipe connectors as a vibration dampeners are primarily used to absorb noise and vibration in a piping system and to muffle high frequency oscillations in connecting pumps, compressors and other operating equipments. They are also used to accommodate lateral movement caused by settling and ground motion.

Kurbo Type 60E, elbow connectors are used in place of metal fittings where high abrasion, tear and chemical resistance is required. In many material transport systems, the bends are sensitive to wear and tear. Kurbo supply an extensive range of pre-formed bends for both suction and discharge purposes, in various sizes and shapes. Kurbo can also offer specialized hose bends outside of the standard bend radii to meet your particular needs with various tube(lining) materials to suit the media within your plant.
The other important function is to provide vibration and stress relief. Many of Kurbo Elbows are found in mining industry .