Rubber Expansion Joint

Type 20OS, Offset Type Expansion Joint
Lateral Offset Type
Angular Offset Type

Kurbo Type 20OS, Offset type expansion joints are designed and manufactured according to site/field dimensions to maintain 100 percent of the product’s movement absorbing capability. Our offset type expansion joints are easily installed without sacrificing any performance capabilities. In addition, they compensate for misalignments and absorb large amount of axial, lateral and angular movements and relieve stresses in pipe and anchor.

Expansion joint suppliers require accurate offset dimensions from one side of pipe to the other, including parallel, angle and hole misalignment of mating flanges.
When accurate offset measurements cannot be obtained from the site, offset joints are often supplied with bolt holes drilled on one flange and bolt hole drilling on other flange can be done on site.

When standard piping system installation tolerances using rubber expansion joints cannot be met, consider applying rubber expansion joints having a built-in offset to stay within acceptable operating limits