Rubber Expansion Joint

Control Units
Control Units

Control unit assembly is a system of two or more control rods (tie rods), extending from the mating flanges of the expansion joint to minimize possible failure of the expansion joint from excessive motions caused by failure of anchoring/guiding, abnormal thermal fluctuation and pressure surge etc. Control unit assemblies can be set at the maximum allowable extension and compression of rubber expansion joint and absorb static pressure thrust developed at the expansion joint. When used in this manner, control units are additional safety factor and can minimize possible damage to adjacent equipment.

Use of Control Units

Rubber expansion joints must be installed between two fixed anchor points in piping and piping anchors must take end thrusts produced by internal pressure or thermal changes. When it is impossible to provide adequate anchors, control units must be used to restrain the piping system

Control Unit Configurations

Kurbo standard control unit consists of :

  • One(1) control rod
  • Two(2) control rod plates
  • Two(2) flat washers
  • Four(4) control rod nuts

Kurbo supplies various control unit configurations for individual piping system