Rubber Expansion Joint

Series 20UG, Underground Type Expansion Joint
  • Absorb ground/foundation settlement and seismic displacements.
  • Prevent any damage or breakage of underground
  • Designed to withstand external load
  • Compensate for differential settlement up to 400mm.
  • Available in single, double, triple, multiple arch configurations
  • Unique ability to accommodate large lateral movement with short overall length.
  • Lateral offset capability can be adjusted with longer length.
  • Superior reliability and durability-Extended service life
  • Wide variety of elastomers
  • Specially formulated rubber has great recovery from movement.
  • Excellent corrosion resistance
Burial Application/Buried Piping

Buried pipelines are directly affected by the external loads produced by weight of earth, traffic load, the ground shifting created by uneven sinking of ground and earthquake. The uneven sinking between rigid structure and ground is most detrimental for underground piping. To solve such differential settlement problems, Kurbo offers underground type expansion joints in either Integrally Rubber Flanged(20UG) or Floating Flanged(30UG) varieties.