CEO's Greeting

Welcome to our website.

Our main products, expansion Joints are mainly used in piping system for power plant, petrochemical, steel mill, oil refinery, desalination, water supply and sewage treatment and marine and shipbuilding industry.

Kurbo is the only manufacturer in Korea that designs and manufactures all three major categories of expansion joints:
- Rubber expansion joints
- Metal expansion joints
- Fabric expansion joints

Especially In rubber expansion joint Indusrty , we are well known as a specialized company who has best quality and technology, most modernized production facilities and reliable test equipment.

As the piping system becomes more complicated and sophisticated due to the rapid development of the piping industry today, we design and propose the optimal expansion joint that meets the various operating conditions and requirements of the piping system and we also provide a higher level of quality and service through our in-house reliability testing.

Extending our sincere gratitude to all parties supporting and interesting us, let alone our customers, we pledge to devote ourselves to do our very best to supply better products.

Thank you.

C E O Park Imsoo